Upon purchasing your lesson, Claire will contact you via e-mail within 24 hours.  Contact your teacher for all scheduling or rescheduling needs, but if you need anything else you can reach us directly at

best lesson possible

For the best Skype lesson possible, make sure you having a Skype lesson prior to your lesson. I do not recommend using a smart phone for your lesson!  Best lessons occur with the most direct internet access, which your phone  cannot offer on the go.   The bigger screen on a computer, laptop, iPad, or tablet will allow the best view and greatest understanding of the instrument. 

Be sure your computer is set up at an angle that will allow Claire to see you play your instrument.  If you aren't directly facing your webcam or the stand is in the way, it's impossible to see if you're playing correctly.

15 minute initial meeting

The 15 minute lesson is now on sale for $0.00! I want to get to know you and your musical goals before you sign up for lessons.  This 15 minute free lesson is not required, but highly recommended! If you're a parent of a 6-12 year old, please be present for this 15 minute meeting.


CDL Academy offers different tuition packages for our students various needs.  You can purchase single lessons for a flat rate, one at a time as needed, or you can purchase our 4 lesson tuition packages in which you receive 4 lessons at a discounted rate.  These 4 lessons will be scheduled with your teacher via e-mail.  Check Sign Up Now for pricing.


Please read the Skype Lesson Benefits page!

Make sure prior to your lesson you have downloaded Skype on your computer, laptop, iPad, or tablet. You will need a user name in which your teacher can reach you for your online lesson. You can download Skype at their website at or you can find the Skype app in the app store on your tablet.  

Lesson materials

All students or parents are responsible for purchasing the books and a music stand for the lesson(s). Usually only one or two books to begin are necessary and we can decide what materials will be best upon our initial meeting.  I will take detailed notes and scan or e-mail them directly to you!  I can also scan sheet music for you or your child to practice until your lesson books arrive.