what you need to know

Your child is studying with a professional, college educated, and nurturing teacher with over 10 years teaching and performing experience.  I have taught kids as young as 4 years old so if you think your young child would benefit from Skype lessons with your help, I'd be happy to teach any young age. For information on homeschool music tutoring/private lessons via Skype, please scroll down!


If your child is 12 years old or younger, I require you to be present for the initial lesson.  I want to work with you and your child to supply the best lesson possible and sometimes having an adult around can be helpful.  I encourage parents to sit in on all lessons, but do not require it. Younger children definitely benefit from active parental involvement in our lessons so you can aid in at home practicing as well as during our lesson.

  • Please read How It Works for more information on signing up with me!


I am trained in Suzuki and traditional methods of teaching.  As a young musician I practiced both and found the combination of the teachings styles most helpful.  However, the style of teaching depends on the student.  Upon our initial meeting we can decide the best path for your child.

Homeschool Community

Hi homeschoolers and parents! Welcome to the online strings academy. I work with a lot of homeschool students and I totally support an individual's choice in deciding how to educate their kids. I create a personalized tutoring plan to integrate in your child's weekly music education plan, whether it's violin, music theory, music history or all the above that interest you or your child. We work month to month to ensure the best progress in music education.

Your child's path in class with me will be dictated by what your child wants to learn and their level of playing (beginner, intermediate, advanced). I offer 30, 45, and 1 hour sessions that are outlined in the sign up now page. *Please make sure to let me know if you have multiple kids wanting to take a group music class or back to back lessons because you qualify for a sibling discount!*

Most kids start with the Suzuki method and essential elements, and once the general technique and music note reading comprehension is completed, we can move on to any other styles. Many of my homeschoolers play out of fiddle hymn, gospel, fiddle, and other classical music books. I find that offering kids a broad choice of genre to learn keeps their interest and they want to practice on their own time, which is the goal!

Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns!