Welcome! I'm Claire Whitcomb, the owner and operator of Whitcomb Studios. With over a decade of teaching experience, I want to offer affordable lessons to anyone interested in learning any style of violin or viola playing. My private studio began in 2014 as I ventured to start my own private lesson company in Nashville, Tn. As the studio grew, so did my performance opportunities and I had to find a way to continue teaching while I was on the road. While this lead me to teaching Skype lessons, I’m now teaching in person in Hendersonville, TN, too.

Beginner: Learn through a systematic approach to technique and musicality as we start building your repertoire that will have you playing confidently and beautifully while striving to eliminate the stress of learning a new instrument. I seek to avoid common beginner problems from squeaks to lessening tension in the body so you can practice calmly and efficiently. I will also relay common practice pitfalls, but also how to achieve the best practice sessions to succeed in your personal goals.  I suggest taking weekly 30 minute lessons to start.

Intermediate: We will work on ear training, tuning, and delve into repertoire that will keep you improving and never plateau.  I start to incorporate more advanced left hand techniques like shifting and vibrato while introducing bow techniques like sautille and spiccato as well.  We strive to have an effortless sense of playing that allows you to express your musicality and emotion. All intermediate students should take 45 minute weekly lessons.

Advanced: We aim to marry technique and musicality while seamlessly taking your repertoire to new levels.  I involve sports psychology to address tension of the mind and body so you can have less stress in performing and practicing.  Work towards eliminating performance anxiety while we hone in on musicality and ease so you can truly express your musical intent.  I recommend advanced players take hour lessons to accommodate in depth discussions and training with your instrument.



I offer live, online or in-person music lessons to reach a global audience. Whether you don't have professional musicians in your area, are looking for a high quality teacher and musician to learn from, or are just searching for musical or technical advice for your orchestral or personal playing, Claire Whitcomb is here to help you achieve your personal musical goals.

I strive for greatness in my own musical endeavors and want to share my expertise and love of music through performance and teaching.  The goal is to bring you the best private lesson experience without asking you to leave the comfort of your home, or if you’re local I am happy to have you join my in-person studio.  I am confident that anyone can learn and succeed at their musical instrument with a little time and the right guidance!

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.
— Plato

why study with claire?

  • Receive the best training from Music City itself without any travel.

  • Claire has appeared on many movie scores, video game soundtracks, and albums recorded in Nashville, TN.

  • Performance experience live with bands in Nashville and elsewhere, including Trans Siberian Orchestra, 2Cellos, Wilson Phillips, Jars of Clay and many others.

  • Students can learn nearly any genre with a personable and reliable teacher in a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Claire has 10+ years experience teaching all ages and levels, offering high quality music education for everyone.

  • Study with a conservatory educated musician, teacher, and performer who can pass on the best expertise at an affordable price.

  • Learn from an actively performing musician, bringing you professional experience and guidance from a successful instrumentalist.

  • Check out Claire's many credentials here.