Benefits of Skype Lessons

Quality of teacher

Claire de Lune Online Academy believes a Skype lesson with a high quality teacher is far more beneficial than an in-person lesson with a mediocre teacher.  Skype gives more options to find the best teacher possible outside your local musician pool, offering the potential to have the greatest music education possible.  We are happy to offer the best lesson experience at affordable prices from professional Nashville, TN musicians.


access to technology

Now it is easier than ever for your teacher to email helpful tools for your success.  We can e-mail detailed notes from our lessons so you can focus on the lesson and let us do the note taking.  Your teacher can also send personal recordings of them playing your repertoire slowly and up to tempo so you can play along in your own practice as you please.  Another great tool for internet lessons is scanning and sending documents or sheet music that will help you achieve your personal goals.


lessons without travel

Parents don't have to corral all the kids to take one to their music lesson while you attempt to occupy the others. You can stay at home and aid your young one in an online lesson in a comfortable atmosphere. Parental involvement is greatly encouraged as you can help with at home practice to make playing more enjoyable.  The time you would've spent traveling to and from your lesson can now be better spent on quality family time.

Adult students usually have busy work schedules and online lessons offer more flexibility and ease for your life.  No need to rush from work to your music lesson amidst traffic and chaos, take your time and get home, relax a bit before we start our lesson in a stress free environment. No more travel time than necessary when you can have your lessons from home, too. Save gas and hefty lesson fees by studying with Claire de Lune Academy's highly qualified and well educated Nashville teachers.


mirror and easy recording

Skype acts as a 2 way mirror, making it easy for you to watch yourself play and for your teacher to see your perspective on camera.  You can easily make technical adjustments and record the lessons to go back through in your own time.  Lessons can be recorded in person, too, but with the click of a button the ease of recording happens more often through Skype than in person.


less off task behavior

According to this study from 2010 online students exhibited less off task behaviors by 36% in comparison to in-person lessons.  That means less time wasted on bad attitudes or lack of focus!  The study also concluded that students spend 22% more time actually playing their instrument in online lessons and exhibited more eye contact than in-person lessons.


warm up

Warm up with your instrument while you wait for your lesson to begin! Instead of using lesson time to warm up you can start a few minutes before we meet in order to feel comfortable and confident that you're ready to play for your teacher.


less missed lessons

Let's say you have a stomach bug that could potentially be contagious for up to 2 weeks, but you're starting to feel better and would like to have a lesson. With online Skype lessons you can! Don't worry about getting your teacher sick since we don't have to be in the same room.